TesseracT // Sonder World Tour

Well well well... I guess it's about time to put down my feelings for this set into words. It's taken some time to figure out how to express just how important this set is to me both an artist and just a human being. I still haven't found the words so I figured I'll just write how I feel and see what comes out. 

So, one nice spring day in May I flew from my city 800km away to Vancouver to photograph a band that inspires me so much and I couldn't have been more excited. TesseracT always, always, has been such an amazing band to photograph. They've been nothing but encouraging with me as a photographer, and in return I've always tried my hardest to capture their live performances to the best of my abilities; This show was no different.

The day went by super quickly and before long I was standing in the photo pit ready to take on TesseracT for a 3rd time. By the time their set started I was so excited, but incredibly nervous. My faithful 50 1.4 lens' focusing decided to go on a vacation during Plini's set. I was forced to shoot the set with the ultra wide 20 1.4 lens I rented for the night and have never shot with before. Although that made me ridiculously nervous that I wouldn't be able to capture the set they way I envisioned, it gave me the opportunity to capture this show with a fresh perspective. It seems that my trusty lens failing on me seemed to be a blessing in disguise that forced my creativity to come out in the best ways. After I finished photographing the first song I settled in and the nerves dissipated. From then on I think my excitement took over and I captured some of my best live music photos. The wide lens really lent itself to capturing so much more of the amazing show that TesseracT puts on. From Dan's amazingly emotive movement as a front man, to Mos' powerful playing on bass, the amazing light show that the band had for this tour, and everything else that makes their performances unforgettable. After my 4 songs I was ridiculously happy with what I captured and I couldn't wait to get home to edit. 

When I got home I was so excited to edit what I had, but for the first couple days I couldn't get the look I wanted. I felt like I let myself down and was really bummed that I couldn't create what I wanted. After I felt down for a day or so I turned to my best friend and the extremely extremely talented photographer, Devin Barnes, and she really helped me rethink the way I approach editing. I realized I shouldn't be putting limitations on myself as a photographer and editor especially if it got in the way of creating the artistic vision I had for my photos. With that concept in my brain combined with the images I captured my creativity exploded and I was able to create a set of images that I'm so incredibly proud of.

This set to me symbolizes a lot of growth in myself as an artist and it couldn't be more perfect that photographing TesseracT was the show to push me to a new creative level. This show will always mean so much to me personally and professionally. I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I do.