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It all Started with a Rebel...

By that I mean a Canon Rebel, not the Star Wars Rebel Alliance kind. I received it as a high school graduation gift. I'm a completely self taught photographer who worked on my craft by spending many, many hours in front of a screen reading articles on the internet, watching YouTube how-to tutorials, and learning through trial and error with both my camera and editing programs. Flash forward five years and my passion for this medium has never wavered. I've got to work with some of my favourite bands, had my work featured on books that sell worldwide, have my work published on multiple international published mediums, and over all just love what I'm doing. 

I've photographed everything from couples portraits, engagements, and weddings all the way over to pro sports. And although where I'm from my main claim to fame is as the photographer for our local junior hockey team, the Prince George Cougars, my real photographic love is live music and creative portraiture. Don't get me wrong I love shooting sports and regular portraiture because I'm with my camera, but thats not what I'm most passionate about. There is just something about both capturing the raw energy and emotion of live music, as well creating art with awesome people in front of my lens.

Style wise, I'm a big fan of vintage tones and vibes. Sometimes it's not always beneficial to photograph with old school film I sure like to keep those vibes going. With that being said, I'm all about growth as an artist. I'm always wanting to push my self to see where I can take my work to keep things interesting for both myself and those viewing my work. I'd love to work with you to push myself even more.

Personally, as you might have been able to tell from the beginning of my bio, I'm a huge geek - More specifically I'm a major Star Wars geek. You can talk my ear off about Star Wars any day of the week and I'll be more than okay with it. And besides photographing music I also love to perform and play music. I've been a singer for just about a year and I've played drums for over a decade. If you combine photography, Star Wars, and music you get a pretty basic formula for myself. 

Thanks for reading my about section, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Notable Clients / Previous Work

TesseracT, Northlane, INTERVALS, Intronaut, Scale The Summit, ERRA, Skyharbor, The Contorionist, Heart, The Burden, Shreddy Kreuger, Kitsune, Invent Animate, Prince George Cougars, UNBC Timberwolves Varsity Sports, Unltd Media & Events, Scene PG Magazine, Prince George Citizen, World Baseball Classic, Low End University, Mark Michell, Hal Leonard Publishing




Gear List

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 7D Mark II

Canon 70-200 2.8 USM

Canon 24-70 2.8 USM II

Sigma 50 1.4 EX DG 

Elinchrom RX - One Strobe Set w/ Reflective and White Umbrella

Canon 430 ex ii

Yongnuo YN-622C Flash Transmitters x3 

DJI Phantom 3 Standard